Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 5

Scalar parameters of impedance type in the generalized theory of geoelectromagnetic sounding system

© V.N. Shuman

A general theory of impedance measurements in the methods of geoelectromagnetism is presented. With considering the features of the electrodynamics of the spherical sources, the concept of the bimodal structure of the electromagnetic echo in the general theory of magnetotelluric fields is analyzed in detail. On the basis of precise relations of impedance type within the local approach, the idea of the common character of the electromagnetic sounding methods including the magnetotelluric sounding (MTS), Magnetic variation methods using spatial field derivatives (horizontal spatial gradient analysis - HSG) and geomagnetic deep sounding - GDS) is realized. The novelty of the approach is that, without overstepping the limits of the phenomenologic electrodynamics the informational parameters are completely determined only in terms of scalar parameters of impedance type and their horizontal gradients with omitting classical concepts of the impedance tensor, telluric and magnetic transition functions, induction vectors based largely on empiric or heuristic concepts.

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