Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 5

Magnetostratigraphy of pliocenic-pleistocenic sediments of the Middle Near-Dnieper region

© Vigilanskaia L.I.

In two sections of a loessland formation of pliocenic-pleistocenic age paleomagnetic researches of a 35 m mass of sedimentary rock almost completely representing Pleistocene, Upper, Partly Middle and Lower Pliocene were made. A paleomagnetic section has been set up whose comparison with the A. Cox's scale and the paleomagnetic scale of the pleistocene of the Ukraine suggest the following:
1. The sedimentary rocks of pliocenic-pleistocenic age formed in the region studied in the epochs of geomagnetic polarity Brunhes, Matuyama and Gilbert.
2. In both sections a boundary between the Brunhes and Matuyama epochs has been marked in a mass of fossil soils of a shyroki horizon.
Besides, against directly magnetized rocks of Brunhes epoch, events of inverse polarity Kargapolovo have been established in fossile soils of the vytachevsky horizon, Dnieper in deposited moraines of the dnieper horizon and an Y-zone in loess loams of the lubni horizon. The cited events may serve as a benchmark in subdividing and correlating pliocenic-pleistocenic sediments in the Middle Near-Dnieper region.

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