Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 6

Destructive Crimean earthquakes 1927; lessons and some consequences

© V.E. Kulchytsky, B.G. Pustovitenko, A.M. Sklar

The paper is devoted to an anniversary - 75 years since destructive earthquakes which have occurred in Crimea in a 1927. The stages (phases) of the development of seismological observations in Crimea - from most ancient times till now are shown. An analysis of the evolution of the ideas of the seismicity of the Crimea-Black Sea region is given, its main properties are described. On the basis of the experience of seismological researches in Crimea it is shown what lessons have the researchers obtained from the strongest Crimean earthquakes of a 1927, what problems have been thus posed and haw they are solved.

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