Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 6

Ukrainian Carpathians and Crimean Mts: similarity and difference of kinematic characteristics of tectonic movements (tectonophysical analysis)

© O.B. Gintov, V.A. Korchemagin, A.A. Sim

Deformation regimes of orogenic stages of development of the Ukrainian Carpathians and Mountainous Crimea have been analysed on the basis of the kinematic method of tectonophysics and its modification - construction of stereograms of isolines of the probability of principal axes orientation of normal stresses. It is shown that in Miocene-Pleistocene the Ukrainian Carpathians were developed principally in the thrusting regime which is peculiar to the overthrusting system. Since Later Yurassic the Mountainous Crimea has been mainly formed in the faulting regime without large amplitude thrusts. This has been conditioned by joint actions of NW-SE contraction and NE-SW stretching of the Earth's crust. Seismological data do not confirm the underthrusting of the Black Sea plate under the continent on the Crimean section of the collision zone

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