Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 1

The method of simple simulation to the solution of a gravity problems in the model class of the 3-Dimensional contract surfaces

© Bulakh E.G., Markova M.N.

The method of simple simulation is one of the approaches of the solution of an inverse gravity problem. The geological model is constructed and software for the solution a direct problem is created. The geological class of stratified mediums is considered. Stratified mediums are separated with contact surfaces. The density surface is determined by the position of characteristic points in the fixed rectangular area. Outside this area the density surface is given as an asymptotic prolongation. It is a step-function of two horizontal coordinates. Such approach allows to decrease as much as possible the influence of boundary effect at the solution of a direct problem. Inside a stratum the surplus density can be a constant or a function of coordinates of points. The coefficients of this function are obtained by program on fixed data. Two subclasses of the geological models are chosen. The observed field is conditioned by variations of an boundary surface concerning a fixed horizontal surface in the first subclass. In the second subclass the gravitation effect is influencing of all surplus masses of the geological model. The operation of the software is illustrated by examples.

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