Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 1

Gravity disturbances of the Earth's crust according to the results of repeated leveling in Ukraine

© Podlipskyi S.Ya.

According to the results of precision repeated leveling on long bases, the global deviations of tilts of the earth surface in annual and 18,6 - years waves with amplitudes 0,2-0,31 are distinguished that are by one order higher than the designed values. On the basis of a detailed analysis of experimental data it is shown that these deviations of declinations are a consequence of global gravitation perturbations of the crust. On experimental examples it is shown, that the gravitation perturbations cause the effect of recent regional movements of the crust with rates of several mm/year. These perturbations are the main reason of global untidal variations of gravity with amplitude of several tens of mGal. On the basis of the conclusions of this paper effective technologies of different geophysical researches can be developed. Thus, the real accuarcy of measurements of the rate of movements of the crust and variations of gravity is increased by an on the order.

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