Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 2

Gas jets on the Kerch-Taman' beach

© Shniukov E.F., Pasynkov A.A., Kleschenko S.A., Artemov Y.G., Yegorov V.N., Gulin S.B.

The article is devoted to the gas jets, which have been established in the 57th trip SIV "Professor Vodianitskyi". They are located on the external shelf and in the upper part of continental slope of the Black Sea's Kerchean-Taman' region. It was discovered more than 117 gas jets, which are situated on the local heights and sharp flexures of the landscape in regions of Don's and Kuban's pradoliny. The results of the investigations show high carbon-hydrogen gaze saturation into quarter sediments, which are accompanied by the origin of the numerous gas jets. Discovering of the jets over avandeltas is the searching guide of the gas pool.

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