Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 2

Trondhjemites of the Lomonosov submarine massif (Black Sea) and their geodynamic interpretation

© Shniukova E.E.

Two igneous rock series of the tonalite-trondhjemite suite have been distinguished in the Lomonosov submarine massif located on the northwestern continental slope of the Black Sea. One of them, named plagiogranite series, probably belongs to the supra-subduction zone oceanic plagiogranites, and the other one represents the granites of a tholeitic island arc. It is supposed that the origin of both series is connected with ophiolites which are thought to be moved southward as a result of rifting that occurred in the Western Black Sea Basin since Aptian. The study of trondhjemites yields a conclusion that the extention conditions lasted in this region up to the beginning of Paleogene.

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