Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 2

A geodynamic model of the Black Sea megabasin

© Kobolev V.P.

The article deals with solving principal problems related to mechanism and history of the origin of the Black Sea megadepression and surrounding structures on the basis of new theoretical generalizations and technological approaches to processing and interpreting geological and geophysical information available. For the first time, the Black Sea megadepression is shown to be a segment of the British-Persian hot belt that is responsible for the origin of the Mediterranean folded belt. It is given a new genetic interpretation of mobile geosynclinal basins around the Black Sea megadepression as compensating subsidences. For the present-day Black Sea megadepression is considered to have experienced progressive and regressive stages in its tectonic history. During the first one 2 palaeovaults related to the upwelling of the East and West mantle diapirs have formed. At the second stage (Paleocene-Eocene) the palaeovaults rapidly subsided in the inner parts of the East and West diapirs, with submersion being governed by a plunge mechanism. Extraction of magmatic diapir material occurred along the zone of the deep Circum-Black Sea fault controlled by the continental slope of Black Sea megadepression.

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