Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 2

Density of the Black Sea sedimentary complexes

© Starostenko V.I., Makarenko I.B., Legostaeva O.V., Rusakov O.M., Pivovarov V.L., Melnichuk P.N.

The results are presented of studying the density of sedimentary complexes from the Black Sea. Generalizing the data from seven boreholes yielded a curve of density versus depth for different sedimentary sequences of the NW shelf. An important conclusion has been drawn that frequent and relatively abrupt density changes occur mainly in Paleocenic - Eocenic sediments. An analytic equation has been derived for the exponential change of density versus depth in the Black Sea. New much greater opportunities of 3D gravity modeling is demonstrated. They based on sophisticated software developed that makes it possible to put in PS a great number of information with high accuracy and to increase reliability of interpretation. A new σ (H) relationship has been derived for the sediments of the Maikop series used to compile a density map for these rocks in the Black Sea Basin.

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