Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 2

Sapropelic sediments of the Eastern and Western Black Sea Basin

© Shniukov E.F., Kleschenko S.A., Kukovskaia T.S.

This paper presents the results of studying of sapropelic sediments of the Eastern trough of the Black Sea: their distribution, thickness, types, granulometric and mineralogical composition, macro- and microelement content. These parameters are compared to those for sapropelic sediments from the Western trough of the sea. It is shown that by the main distinctive feature of the sapropelic sediments composing the anthropogenic sections of northeast and central sites of the Eastern trough, is their impoverishment in clay substance. These are sediments basically terrigenous, enriched in organic substance, or biogenic-terrigenous. In some cases, they may related to a biogenic-terrigenous sediments group. Sapropelic sediments are considerably impoverished in the southern part of basin, and also on sites of development of mud volcanism and sites of a continental slope which are affected by active hydro- and lithodynamic processes. At the same time, sapropelic sediments with maximal organic substance contents are very well submitted in the Western trough, especially in its central (chalistatic) areas. The facts stated above on distribution, structure of sapropelic sediments speak that their accumulation within the even one Black Sea Basin occurred in somewhat various conditions. On an example of the sapropelic accumulation in the Black Sea the specificity of the facial and the hydrodynamical conditions, some nuances in conditions of sedimentation in Western and Eastern troughs of the sea are precisely traced.

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