Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 3

Microseismic and deformation studies in Transcarpathians: results and outlooks

© Verbytskyi T., Gnyp A., Malitskiy D., Nazarevych A., Verbytskiy Y., Ignatyshyn V., Novotna O., Narivna M., Yarema I

A local network of complex regime geophysical stations (RGS) is created within Transcarpathian seismogenic zone a spatial-temporal analysis of local Transcarpathian seismicity is made stenables us to detect seismically dangerous sections characterized by anomalously small values of energy released during the earthquake over the past 40 years. A statistical model for local seismicity dynamics of temporal variation data is developed on the base of a set of geophysical field characteristics. Thus routine prediction of seismic danger dynamics in the region of studies is possible. Granting for the above, due precautions may be taken to prevent possible losses caused by the earthquakes anticipated.

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