Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 3

Detailing of a density model of a sedimentary succession of the SE Dnieper-Donets Basin and West Donbas

© Yegorova T.P., Kozlenko V.G.

The paper deals with a detailed density model for the sedimentary cover of the south - eastern part of the Dnieper-Donets Basin and western part of the Donbas constructed with the regard of detailed study of the density parameterization of sediments. The model has been approximated by four layers with lateral variation of average density. Stripped positive residual anomaly, obtained by subtracting the effect of sedimentary succession from the observed field, confirms our previous conclusions on the existence below the basin of a high-density body caused by mantle rocks intruded into the crystalline crust during Paleozoic (mainly Late Devonian) rifting. New results concerning large-scale and local features of the crustal structure of the study area have been obtained. In particular, carried out modeling clarifies the origin of the gravity lows along the northern flank of the Donbas, caused by larger thickness of light sediments and their decreased densities in comparison with that along the southern flank of the basin.

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