Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 3

IG of Georgian AS Studies of dynamics of Earth's crust inclination in the area of the altitudinal arch dam of Inguri HES

© Macharachvili T.N., Chelidze T.L., Abachidze V.G.

The general dynamical characteristics of Earth' crust tilts at the Enguri hydroelectric power station are investigated. Influence of power station building and reservoir filling process (1971-1983) on the dynamics of the Earth tilt generations has been studied. We have used modern linear and nonlinear methods to analysic an Earth tilt hourly time series on different time scales. It is shown that the Earth tilt sequences represent a low-dimensional dynamical process, revealing properties of deterministic chaos with correlation dimension d223. Anthropogenic influence, associated with the construction of the Enguri high dam and filling of the reservoir leads to temporary quantitative changes in general dynamics and is followed by relaxation during two-three years after first filling.

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