Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 3

The results of a tectonophysical study of the deformation of Mesozoic-Early cenozoic rocks of the West Antarctic (the Argentinean islands archipelago area)

© Bakhmutov V.G., Belichenko P.V., Gintov O.B.

A tectonic study of the planetary and tectonic cracking of volcanic rocks of a group of isles in the area of the stations "Academic Vernadckyi" is made. It is shown that the isles studied are a single rock massif and did not change their position with respect to each other in the postyurassic time. Since the Late Yura the Antarctic peninsula was oriented with respect to the Earth's rotation axis so as it is at present. The volcanic cover of the group of the isles under went in Mesocenozoic shears, overthrusts and faulting. The resalts of the studies are compared with the data of analogous works made in Ukraine.

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