Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 3

Thermal field and young activization of Crimea

© Gordienko V.V., Gordienko I.V., Zavgorodnyaia O.V., Tarasov V.N., Usenko O.V.

In Crimea 282 new values of a deep heat flow are determined. The background size - 60 mW/m2 is established. The positive anomalies are allocated: Tarkhankut (82±6 mW/m2) - in west of a peninsula, Novoselovsk-Yevpatoriia (78±7 mW/m2) - at the centre, Kerch' (74±5 mW/m2) - in east, Syvash (74±5 mW/m2) - in north. The interpretation of anomalies for a model of young activization is carried out. The zones partial melting in the crust (20-30 km depths) and the mantle (65-100 km depths) are allocated. Results are checked by the data of seismology (zones of lower Vp at 20-30 km and 80-100 km depths), geoelectricians (zones of lower r at 10-30 and 70-120 km depths), gravity (negative mantle anomaly to 20 mGl), He-isotopy (3He/4He have (5-41)10-8 by background value 2). They correspond also to items of information of seismicity, young geodynamics and oil-gas fields of the region.

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