Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 5

Little known pages of the history on formation and development of geophysical studies in Ukraine

© Starostenko V.I., Isychenko E.P.

Primary sources of formation and growth of geophysics into science in Ukraine are reviewed on the base of documents and materials of the Archives of the National Academy of Sciences, early publications on its activities and data of the first scientific studies in geophysical direction at the universities of Kharkov and Odessa in the XIXth and the first half of the XXth centuries. Information is also given on arising of geophysical science at the Kiev University and Dnepro­petrovsk Mining Institute in the middle of the XXth century. Scientific activity of a whole Pleiad of bright names in science who contributed considerably and sometimes decisively to development of geophysics in Ukraine. The publication tries to attract attention of geophysical community to historical facts which are unfairly forgotten (or little known).

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