Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 5

Geoelectrodynamic principles of electromagnetic soundings of dispersive absorbing media

© Shuman V.N.

Geoelectrodynamic principles of modern theory of electromagnetic sounding systems have been considered and systematized in this paper. It has been noted that classical ideas which are the basis of the corresponding theory are limited by particular character and simplify real geoenergetic circumstances. Special attention is concentrated on the elements of electrodynamic theory of material media with nonimmediate and spatially nonlocal responce (i.e. with re­gard to frequency and spatial dispersion), when the vector of integrated electric induction D(r, t), is determined by electric field E(r',t') in the moments t'≤t and in the points r', located within some vicinity of the point r. Material Landau - Lifshits equation for integrated electric induction within unlimited material medium is being considered and the problem of cut-off conditions on the border surface of media with nonlocal electromagnetic response is being analysed. It is a factor that material equations and cut-off conditions can not be discussed in this case as independent as it was usual in classical electrodynamics of nondispersive media. As it is known, while taking into account spatial dispersion one can consider additional components which appear in border conditions as a result of existence of surface polarization current and bound charge. It is obvious by intuition, that their appearance impacts considerably the features of electromagnetic responce formation within heterogenous multiphase medium with dispersion. Probable mechanisms of "super-high" resolution effect when sounding field turns steady. It is emphasized that the class of physical models and equations used in modern geoelectricity must be widened considerably.

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