Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 5

On one approach to the application of acoustic logging data for reconstruction of a detailed velocity profile and dynamic modelling in seismic prospecting

© Petrovsky A.P.

Exploration and prospecting of the oil and gas fields in complex geological and geophysical conditions predetermines necessity of revision of the interpretation methods and technologies of geophysical and first of all seismic data. The new expedient of integrated use of the acoustic logging (AL) data and one-dimensional dynamic modelling is offered for a successful solution of the problem of identification of coherent lineup on the temporal sections. The integral transformation of a AL velocity curve will be used for deriving more precise approximation to the model of a real seismic velocity profile. It is shown in the article, that the integral transforming parameters are dependent on the length of a seismic wave and applied approximation of model of environment which is used in deriving a wave equation. Theoretical positions are verified by results of the simulation of a wavefield dynamics and lithologic-and-stratigraphic profile of an exploratory well located in Carpathian oil and gas-mining region.

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