Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 6

The nature of three-dimentional waves which are registered during crustal earthquakes and industrial explosions in Transcarpathians

© V.V. Kutas, G.M. Drogitskaya, I.N. Korchagin

Hodographs of three-dimentional waves has been calculated for the first time for the foci of crustal earthquakes and industrial explosions in granite quarries of Transcarpathians. Deep-seated seismic-geologic section has been used for calculations together with velocity parameters obtained by correlative method of refracted waves (CMRW)-DSS data along the Chop-Velyky Bychkov profile cutting the Transcarpathian depression along its strike. Hodographs calculated have been compared with the time of propagation of longitudinal and transverse waves which have been registered by a net of stationary seismic stations and autonomous appliances automatic seismic station (ASS)-6/12. It has been shown that regional hodograph used for efficient determination of coordinates of transcarpathian earthquakes foci and treated as direct wave hodograph is really a sequential change of sections of wave hodographs reflected from different horizons of the Earth's crust.

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