Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 6

Local tectonic rotations by paleomagnetic data for Middleupperdevonian effusives of the Volnovakha fault zone

© M.I. Orlova

Results of paleomagnetic studies of the Middleupperdevonian effusives (390-360 m. y.) have been revised. Statistically well determined directions of typical components have been turned into stratigraphic coordinate system. Average direction of prefolding component of natural remanent magnetization: D/l=72°/24°; n=106; a95=2,9°; K=23,07 has been found with the help of magnetization circles transsection method with corresponding coordinates of virtual geomagnetic pole F =21,8° n. lat.; =139,1° e. lon. Tectonic rotations of local structures around vertical axis have been ascertained.

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