Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 6

Seismic activity of the Transcarpathians during 1962-2001 and local hodograph of P- and S-waves

© V.V. Kutas, A.V. Kendzera, G.M. Drogitskaya, S.T. Verbitskiy, I.M. Rudenskaya, I.A. Kalitova

The field of earthquake focuses in Transcarpathians has been compared with tectonic features of its Earth's crust structure. It has been noted that most of earthquakes focuses are concentrated within the fault zone of Tyachev-Teresva-Syget region and within the area of faults transsections: one dividing the Chop-Mukachev and Solotvino depressions and the other faults which separate the Central and Peripannonian zones of the Transcarpathian depression. While plotting the local hodograph of P- and S-waves of earthquakes (for the cases when the focuses are located at the depths of 0,5 and 10 km) the results of calculations of their propagation time has been taken into account which were obtained for the model of depression structure according to DSS data.

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