Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 6

The possibilities for application of geoelectric method of audiomagnetotelluric sounding (AMTS) for tectonic zonation and metallogeny (Periazovian geoblock of the USh as a model)

© V.V. Belyavsky, E.M. Sheremet, L.D. Setaya, Yu.I. Nikolayev

Exploration by a network of control geophysical profiles within mineral and raw material provinces is aimed at the development of geologic and geophysical criteria for regional prediction of the areas where ore and non-ore objects are concentrated. Exploration is based on the connection between mineragenic specialization of steep blocks of the Earth' crust and upper mantle and the occurrence of concentrations of deposits with features of a deep-seated structure, chemical composition and physical state of the lithosphere elements and character of geodynamic processes of mineragenic provinces there in.

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