Geophysical Journal | 2003 volume 25 6

Principles of integrated interpretation of gravimetric data

© A.I. Kobrunov

The primary reserve to improve the efficiency of geophysical data interpretation is an process of data extraction and sometimes subordination of this process to geologic and tectonic concepts and models of origin and evolution of studied objects. This is completely pertinent to compiling the density models of geologic media. Passive and active forms are traditionally subdivided while reverse tasks in integrated interpretation of gravimetric data are formulated. Passive form means that the data of other methods are introduced in the procedures of solving the reverse gravity tasks in the form of already interpreted ones. Active form is based on creation of methods and technologies of integrated solving some different reverse tasks. The idea and general principles of creation evolutional geodynamic models for reconstruction of density stratification are introduced in this article. Producing the model is considered as an evolution of geodynamic system based on conservation laws, balance equations reflecting a priori type information and conditions generated by equations for adjustment of geological models and geophysical fields. The equations have been produced for modeling the solution of the task of taking into consideration the dynamic principles of formation the sedimentary basins and their fragments on the base of continuity and balance of transferred mass expressions. They contain shear-distortion and divergent-transformational components. Parameters, managing the process, - stream velocities vn(x,y,z) and mass inflow fn(x) - depend on, including, discrepancy of fields. This dependence is given by restrictions on managing parameters. In other respects, they are formed by external conditions, that guaranties the possibility to involve in the modeling process the complex of geologic - geophysical information including tectonophysical one.
For creating the completed scheme it is necessary to formulate methodic and geological principles of selection the parameters which rule the equations he rules of integrated models production.

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