Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 1

Variation of seismic activity along the lineaments in a model of non-homogenous relaxing medium with sources

© Spirtus V.B.

A new theoretical model is proposed for description of seismic activity evolution along linear structures after intense earthquakes. The model takes into consideration the time of relaxation of the flow of seismic events as well as heterogeneity of distribution of the seismogenic sources and seismo-conductivity. Some stationary spatial seismic activity distributions have been considered as well as temporal oscillations behind the front of the running wave unloading. Initial-marginal problem has been stated and for the case of homogeneity estimation of stability of difference scheme for its solution has been conducted. Physical explanation for the observed migration of the source of seismic activity along the sub-latitudinal cross-section in the Crimea in 1927-1973 after the Yalta earthquake has been proposed.

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