Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 1

Cenozoic volcanism of the Ukrainian Carpathians and its importance for geodynamic reconstructions

© Lyashevich Z.M., Yatsozhynsky O.M.

Early Miocene acidic volcanism (rhyo-dacitic formation) and later andesitic volcanism in the Ukrainian Carpathians - these are two periods of permanent magmatic process of antidromic direction, which occurred during about 10-15 Ma with large volume of middle-acidic lavas and comparatively shallow (50-100 km) magmatic chambers in continental crust. Geochemical data, including isotopes, indicate that in formation of magmatic melt a mantle inflow effect of the high-temperature deep fluids took place, which caused explosive character of the first phase volcanism and the following hydrothermal metasomatic displacement of rocks. The authors have come to conclusion about the absence of classical subduction in geologic development of the Ukrainian Carpathians and conformity of Neogene volcanism to post collision type. This conclusion proves to be true by paleotectonic environment, clearly ensialitic type of mamas, antidromic character of volcanism, its geochemical features and association with deep faults.

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