Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 1

Geomagnetic activity and atmospheric circulation

© Martazinova V.F., Bahmutov V.G., Chulkov I.S.

  Results of studies the effect of geomagnetic field perturbations on the large-scale atmospheric circulation in the northern hemisphere have been presented. The characteristics of the planetary high frontal zones (PHFZ) at the middle level of troposphere in the years of high or low solar activity have been determined. When the geomagnetic activity is high the PHFZ has latitudinal character. But when it is low, the PHFZ has strong meridional character. The differences in troposphere baric fields are evident, when the daily geomagnetic index Σ has its minimal or maximal value irrespective of year of high or low solar activity. When Σ has its minimal value, the atmospheric circulation in the northern hemisphere reduces baric formations in 1-2 days, but when Σ has its maximal value, the cyclonic and anti-cyclonic activities appear over the most territory of the northern hemisphere in 2-3 days.

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