Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 2

Valuation of oil-gas source potential of sedimentary basins within the Far-Eastern region by gravimetric and geothermal data

© V.I. Isaev, V.I. Starostenko

Methods of regional-zoned valuation of oil-gas presence within sedimentary basins with application of geologic-geophysical database have been elaborated. Methods of prediction are being realized by computer technology of geodensity simulation, paleotectonic reconstructions and paleotemperature simulation. Technology provides three-dimentional areal digital mapping of parent series (by paleotemperature indication). The method has been tested for sedimentary basins of different age within the Far-Eastern region - Nabilsky, Nyshsky, Lunsky, West-Sahalinsky, Anivsky, Makarovsky, Middle-Amursky, East-Kamchatsky, Anadyrsky, South-Kurilsky, Central-Kurilsky. A set of special features of hydrocarbon (HC-systems) of the region - the degree of katagenetic transformation of dispersed organic matter of parent rocks, character of distribution of probable oil-gas accumulation zones and phase composition of possible HC occurrences has been revealed. Conceptual basis of methodic elaborations and predictions are the methods of integrated database, methods of mathematic programming, theory of paleotectonic analysis, well-known schemes of katagenesis, basin tectonics.

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