Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 2

Geoenergetic resources of the territory of Ukraine

© V.V. Gordienko, I.V. Gordienko, O.V. Zavgorodnyaya

 The technique and results of geothermal resources density computing for Ukrainian regions have been considered. Within the major part of the territory it exceeds the profitable level and reaches 3-10 t s. f./m2. The total resources are: in the centre (Ukrainian Shield and its slopes) - 0,04x1012 t s. f., in the west (Volyn' - Podoliya Plate and the Carpathian region) - 0,19x1012 t s. f., in the east (Dnieper - Donets Basin and the Donbas) - 0,31x1012 t s. f., in the south (South Ukrainian monocline and Skythian Plate) - 0,29x1012 t s. f. Total geothermal resources exceed by more than 20 times all fuel mineral resources.

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