Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 2

Seismo-gravitational model of the Earth's crust of the Eastern Donbas by the results of reinterpretation of DSS results along the profile Surovikino-Peschanokopskaya

© E.P. Baranova, T.P. Egorova

The paper presents the velocity-density model of the Earth's crust of the Eastern Donbas constructed by reinterpretation of existing DSS data along the Surovikino-Peschanokopskaya profile with the ray-tracing velocity modelling. As a result new data on the Earth's crust and the upper mantle structure of Donbas within its transition to Karpinsky Swell have been obtained. Though the obtained model belongs to the Donbas type of the cross-section, it includes also some elements of structure characteristic to its transition to Karpinsky Swell. A peculiar feature of the model is inclined transcrustal fault cutting the whole crust from the surface at the northern edge (North-Donets thrust zone) up to the Moho under the southern edge of the basin with possible penetration into the upper mantle. This fault was probably of a certain importance during post-rift activation and inversion of the Donbas.

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