Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 2

Geological-geophysical assessment of the effect of natural-technogenous factors on seismity displays in cryolite zone

© V.I. Dzhurik, S.P. Serebrennikov

The study of specific features of seismicity manifestations within continuous permafrost propagation and climatic transition zones indicates a complex effect of natural and techogenous factors on the value of seismic effect. The necessity of such investigations is related to the solution of many problems in the field of seismic cryolite zone aimed at the development of the uniform technique of seismic hazard zoning of the territories. The basic attention was given to geological-geophysical study of physical-mechanical ground properties through a complex regime of measurements of electrical and seismic characteristics of the rocks in both northern and southern parts of the Baikal rift zone, and to the comparative analysis of parameters of seismic signals for rocky layers in various conditions. The control of the degree of the effect of natural-technogenous factors on the intensity and frequency structure of earthquakes, is carried out by theoretical computations, and macroseismic data showing a significant difference of seismic motions from the state of the upper ground layers. Thus, the solution of methodical problems of seismic zoning requires the profound analysis of seismological and geophysical data obtained in the areas of different permafrost condition, the extension of network regime of engineering-seismological measurements, and the use of the data of the large earthquake displays.

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