Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 2

Deep-seated structure of the lithosphere along the MCWE profile Gdov - Spasskaya Guba

© E.V. Isanina, N.A. Krupnova, N.V. Sharov

Deep-seated structure of the southern slope of the Fennoscandinavian Shield and its joint zone with the Russian plate has been studied by the Method of Converted Waves from the Earthquakes (MCWE) on Gdov-Spasskaya Guba. It has been found that the Earth's crust section is complicated: the boundaries between the sections are tilty-undulated with dipping at angles up to 25°. Normal number of boundaries up to the Moho interface is 6, however there are some blocks with 1-2 boundaries or some highly stratified ones. Being clearly defined by kinematic features none of the boundaries is dynamically stable. The Earth's crust structure in blocks is distinguished by presence of tectonic dislocation zones, exchangeability and stratification.

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