Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 3

The structure of apparatus - software complex for a subdivision of collecting and accumulating information of the National Seismic Data Center of Ukraine

© A.Z. Ganiyev, I.Y. Mykhaylik

In accordance with the Decree 699 of the Cabinet of Ministers on June 28 1997 the National Center of Seismic Data (NCSD) has been founded for seismologic monitoring of Ukraine. The NCSD is mainly aimed at conducting of prompt valuation of seismologic situation in all the regions of Ukraine, seismologic database of the Center allows to provide seismologic data for the researchers in the field of geophysics. The structure of the apparatus-software complex for a Subdivision of Collecting and Accumulating Seismologic Data (SCASD) is being described in the paper.

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