Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 3

Optimal regimes of electromagnetic sounding systems with field excitation within isotropic media with dispersion under control

© V.N. Shuman, T.I. Prychepiy

Distribution of electromagnetic field within homogenous medium with dispersion excited by magnetic dipole source is being analyzed. Attention is being attracted to the role of dispersion for determination of optimal regimes of electromagnetic soundings of material media. On the base of frequency dependence of material conductivity and efficient relative dielectric permeability of a set of rock samples, obtained by V.A. Vensink (1993), a conclusion has been made about the possibility of appearance of intermediate "dispersion window". Its confinement to the frequency area close to characteristic one for the given medium fosters the narrowing of the active absorption zone and is important for solving the problem of physical mechanism of electromagnetic response formation.

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