Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 3

The problem of healing origin of Naftusia 1 mineral water of the Truskavets Spa and new ways for its solving

© V.M. Shchepak

Twenty years of monitoring the native physicochemical state of Naftusia 1 healing drinking water of the Truskavets Spa as well as that of its closest analogues, critical analysis of the time - honored paradigm about the key role played by the water-dissolved organic sub-stance - a product of mineral oil genesis- in the healing properties of water, as well as physicochemical experiments conducted and data obtained from the most up-to date research in the sphere of electrochemical activation (ECA) of waters, have resulted in the discovery of a new phenomenon in balneology and physiology of human being unknown earlier. It has been recognized that ordinary fresh water and mineral waters being in special reducing and electron - donor physicochemical state which is an exceptional result of negative values of their oxidation - reduction potential (Eh) acquire high bio-activity, which is the actual reason of the wide range of physical-therapeutic effects of the Truskavets Naftusia 1 and the whole spectrum of its healing properties. Based on the recognized real nature of the healing properties of Naftusia 1 from the Truskavets Spa some ways to reproduce these properties in any fresh or mineralized drinking water have been developed as well as the ways to create artificial analogues of this type of healing drinking water with a dosed strength of the healing factor which exceeds the healing effect of the Truskavets Naftusia 1 by 2-4 times and more.

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