Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 5

Some aspects of paleomagnetism and paleogeography of Cenozoic formations of the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula

© Orlova M.I.

Analysis of paleolatitudes within the local areas of the Cenozoic effusives occurrences in the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula performed on the base of paleomagnitic directions published by different authors during 1962-1993 has been carried out. Comparisons of paleolatitudes with paleobotanic and paleontologic data have been made. It has been revealed that for Eocene Miocene volcanites occurred within seven areas between 61°45'-64°30' and 56°30'-61°30' w.long., paleolatitudes about 51° are specific.
Some disagreement between paleoclimatic indicators and paleomagnetic inclinations found within the rocks of James-Ross-Island series have been considered in terms of possible impact of local tectonic rotations. Techniques for accounting and valuation of horizontal swings of tectonic blocks have been proposed.

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