Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 5

Application of electrical prospecting methods for prospecting of gold-ore occurrences on the Ukrainian Shield and the Donbas

© Sheremet E.M., Kulik S.N., Balyavsky V.V., Nikolayev Yu.I., Setaya L.D., Agarkova N.G., Nikolayev I.Yu., Arutyunyan R.M.

Results of geologic-geophysical survey are given made at the deposits and gold-ore occurrences of various genetic types within the limits of Donbass and Ukrainian Shield. Conclusions are made on the selective capabilities of using electrical prospecting methods (audiomagnetotelluric sounding, transient electromagnetic, vertical electric sounding - induced polarization) when searching for gold-ore occurrences of various genetic types.

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