Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 6

Lithospheric streams of tectonic flows with structures of frustration. 1. Erection of initial-extreme problem

© V.B. Spirtus

Traditional approaches of mechanics of solids are not sufficient for simulation of the interior of the Earth in the regions where earthquakes occur in addition to flow of geomaterial and ruptures appear in the medium. In case of specific long time of geological processes, even the lower part of lithosphere, keeping some traces of fragile destruction, should be described by hydrodynamics equations. To take this dualism into account equations of transfer are closed in this work by a kinetic equation for the field of phenomenological destruction parameter λ, which is given in contrast to the problems of durability theory, thermodynamic meaning. For a flat flow inside slightly viscous stream corresponding initial-extreme problem has been formulated and its operator is written in general vector form in curvilinear coordinates.

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