Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 6

Surskaya structure as a tectonotype of the Archean greenstone complexes of the Ukrainian Shield

© Yu.P. Orovetskiy, S.S. Krasovskiy, L.. Kalyuzhnaya, P.Ya. Kuprienko

Surskaya greenstone structure of Middle Prydniprovia granite- greenstone province of the Ukrainian Shield as a constituent of Prydniprovia paleovault is spatialy and genetically related to the Archean longitudinally oriented planetary rank East-European-Mozambique hot belt, more than 10 thou. km. long. Results of three-dimentional gravity simulation of deep-seated section of the Surskaya structure based upon the data of formation analysis of filling volcanogenic-sedimentary strata completely supported not only its syncline structure but also petrogenetic identity as to all 14 greenstone structures of the Middle Prydniprovia.

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