Geophysical Journal | 2004 volume 26 6

Evolution of magmatism of the Periazovian massif of the Ukrainian Shield and the Donets basin. Pt.1

© O.V. Usenko

Development of the Periazovian massif in the Proterozoic has been considered, the depths of magmatic melts and metasomatizing fluids differentiation have been revealed. Geosyncline, rift and platform stages of activization have been distinguished in the Proterozoic cycle of the Periazovian massif development. Composition of magmatic and metasomatic rocks produced during each stage was reviewed (according to published data). Some trends of alteration of chemical composition of rocks from West and East Periazovian have been revealed and suggestions have been made on the impact of fluids of different composition upon the process of deep-seated (pallial) differentiation.

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