Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 1

Aftershock activity and physical mechanism of fractality of the temporal component of seismicity

© Spirtus V.B.

The earthquakes sequence in seismic zones has been considered taking into account the fractal distribution of the earthquakes both temporal and spatial. Simple relationship between refractorness exponent b, temporal fractal dimension dt of the Smirnov theoretical model of the seismic regime and self-similar exponent d of tectonic fragmentation K(l) has been proved. So a fractal characteristics of t-component of seismicity is related to redistribution of the partings of fractions at seismogenic structures. Energy release of the elastic strains which is connected with the main shock is being overpumped to the smaller space-scales in the period of aftershocks activity. The value of dmin corresponds to the energy flow inversion from "ultraviolet" to "infrared" region.

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