Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 1

Estimation of relative values of tensions as a second stage of reconstruction according to the data on rupture dislocations

© Rebetskiy Yu.L.

Further development of the method of cataclastic analysis of assemblages of rupture faults is suggested to apply for estimation of relative values of tectonic stresses. Testing of this approach is given by the example of reconstruction of contemporary strained state of the Earth's crust of the South Kuriles and Japan, fulfilled according to seismologic data on mechanisms of earthquakes foci. The created algorythm is based on the results of the first stage of reconstruction during which orientation of axes of the main strains directions is being determined as well as the values of Lode-Nadai coefficient and then the homogenous option of the data on the ruptures (mechanisms of earthquakes foci) is being formed. The base of algorythm is formed by analysis of strains acting on the surfaces of ruptures within the circular Moore diagram as well as a statement on the range of durability of the fractured rock massifs. Energetic criterion for discrimination of the plane realized within the focus of earthquakes and the way of estimation of the coefficient of interior cohesion of rock massifs has been considered. It has been shown that the ratio of effective all-round strain and maximal tangent strain for seismically active areas of the Earth's crust varies within a rather limited range.

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