Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 2

Fault tectonics of consolidated crust of the Black Sea northwestern shelf

© Starostenko V.I., Pashkevich I.K., Makarenko I.B., Rusakov O.M., Kutas R. I.,Legostaeva O. V.

Based on integral analysis of the anomaly magnetic field and residual gravity field, obtained by removing the gravity effect of the water and sedimentary layers, a schematic map of faults of the consolidated crust has been compiled for the northwestern shelf of the Black Sea. It made possible to classify the faults and identify their systems including one that responsible for the formation of the present-day boundary of the East-European Platform. An analysis of spatial distribution of fault systems and heat flow density shows that the study area is divided into the western and eastern parts by arc like north-western fault zone. The inheritance of the Precambrian faults, their activization and association with them the formation of the young structure within the shelf is assumed.

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