Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 2

Magnetic-ionosphere effects produced by coming to the Earth of solar magnetic cloud

© Yaremenko L N., Maksimenko O.I., Mozgovaya T.A., Moskalyuk V.I., Melnik G.V.

Comparison of magnetic and ionosphere observations at the station "Academik Vernadskiy" has been conducted using the data on the magnetic cloud on 10-11.01.97. Vectors of electric current have been plotted for magnetic substorms all over the globe. It has been shown that the change of pressure of the solar wind produces the most intense effect for generation of substorms and in other cases it is accompanied by the change of direction of interplanetary magnetic field (to negative Bz). The data on decrease of maximum concentration of F2 layer, appearance of heterogeneities of different scales and appearance of interlayer formations within ionosphere are presented.

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