Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 3

Dynamics of the land and coastal level of the Odessa region of the Black Sea

© Andrianova O.R., Belevich R.R., Skipa M.I.

Special features of land annual variations according to average annual data about the sea l evel on some stations of the Odessa region have been studied applying water levelling method. In accordance with perennial data essential shift of zero levels of water posts (from 2 to 11 cm) has been found that may be caused in addition to land subsidence by water levelling errors. On the background of predominant trend of land subsidence its character (mainly of wave nature) of tectonic variability of different scale with amplitude up to 11-13 cm (at the station of Vylkovo up to 27-30 cm) and periods from 3 to 19 years (4-9 years variations were predominant) has been revealed. At some stations appearance of considerable short-term elevations and subsidences of land (up to 10-17 cm per 1-3 years) has been noted.

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