Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 3

Relation of seismic activity evolution to kinetics of energy saturation of seismic-active medium

© Spirtus V.B.

A new model of spatial-temporal evolution of seismic activity (SA) is proposed. To describe the seismicity we used the concepts of self-organization theory in exitable media and the theory of nonlinear dynamic systems (DS). On this way the connection of dynamic variation of probability density function SA with kinetics of an elastic energy saturation can be modeled. We considered the known biophysical and ecological autowave models, such as Fitz- Hugh-Nagumo and "the reaction- autotaxis- cross- diffusion". The including of autotaxis in the model means the recognition of the local memory of media. The essential contribution to the supplementary stream of SA is brought by the boundaries of blocks. Some calculations of the phase portraits based on bifurcation analyses of the wave dynamic modes are presented. So the existence in models of Alle's type of non-monotonous waves - trains and soliton impulses has been confirmed. The last ones might be connected with the flashes of SA during "geons" driven periods.

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