Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 3

Evolutionary-dynamic principles during the restoration of structural density models of sedimentary basins

© Kobrunov A.I., Petrovskiy A.P., Kobrunov S.A.

This paper considers evolutionary-dynamic principles which make a base for technologies of integrated interpretation of geological-geophysical data applied to structural problems. As structural problems those ones are meant in which the model of a medium is represented by the boundaries of division, evolving in accordance with geodynamic laws within the limits of continuous phase of its development.
Technologies of integrated interpretation while reconstructing structural models are based on simulation of boundaries evolution with involvement of divergent members responsible for the mass inflow with simultaneous correlation of evolution with asymptotic approach to modern gravity field. Regulating geodynamic parameters are operators responsible for divergent and shift members which act on corresponding components of dynamic discrepancy of gravity fields. The plotted calculation schemes allow to solve the problem of simulating the stages of development of sedimentary basin or its fragment within the limits of structural models in accordance with simulation of modern gravity field.

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