Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 3

Anomalous gravity field of the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean

© Kosygin V.Yu., Isayev V.I.

Historical sketch of studying gravity field of the oceanic region in the 20th century carried out by Soviet, Japanese and American (USA) researchers. Gravity measurements on submarines and surface vessels have been characterized, as well as experience of plotting the maps of gravity anomalies. Results of marine area works of the Institute of marine geology and geophysics DVO RAN in the Okhotsk and Bering seas, abutting area of water and northwestern depression of the Pacific Ocean. By the materials of IMGG DVO RAN expedition, supplemented by materials of predecessors and other organizations, the maps of anomalous gravity field region at the scale 1:10 000 000 have been plotted. Description of anomalous field in reduction of Faya and Buge, averaged by one-degree trapezia has been given. A schematic map of isodepths has been plotted up to the bottom of the Earth's crust. Maps of isostatic anomalies have been calculated and plotted. Maps of local and regional isostatic anomalies have been interpreted by vertical and lateral distribution of density heterogeneity up to the depths of subasthenosphere (300-400 km).

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