Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 4

Elaboration of new modifications of nuclear-geophysical methods for determination of petrophysical and neutron-absorbing properties of rocks

© S.T. Zvolskiy, V.V. Kulik, M.S. Bondarenko, V.V. Karmazenko

A rational complex of nuclear-geophysical methods (NGM) for determination of a number of petrophysical parameters and properties through the intermediary of cased and open boreholes in crystalline and sedimentary rocks, technogenic geological bodies has been elaborated. They include: the content of hydrogen (in particular, the volume of moisture content in the aeration zone, porosity of reservoirs et al.); type of saturating fluid (water, oil, gas), coefficients of oil- and gas saturation; the content of chemical elements-anomalous absorbers of neutron (iron, manganese, chlorine, boron, mercury, gold et al.); the density; the lithology (taking into account neutron properties and natural radioactivity). The increased informativity of the proposed complex of NGM is based on the use of new methods and devices for their realization, developed during the latest years at the Institute of geophysics of the NAS of Ukraine.

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