Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 4

Complex geological-geophysical approach to research of platinum placer formation process at the flanks of the Lobva platinum deposit

© O.A. Hachay, V.P. Moloshag, O.Yu. Hachay, E.N. Novogorodova, Yu.K. Dolomansky

The paper consists of common results of geological-geophysical research developed in a frame of a new approach with use of the detailed planshet electromagnetic induction method with magnetometric research of the same scale and microprobe research of specimens, from chromite segregations. Three-dimensional hierarchic models developed for the places of rock platinum Kosvinskoye plecho and its deluvial-alluvial flank contain a significant information about its structure and contemporary geodynamic processes, which foster the placers production.

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